Brand Love intelligence™ is an online brand & audience behaviour technology company with experts in Artificial Intelligence, data, psychology, media and marketing.





A deep learning recommender system for social communication builded upon a network of engaged individuals.

Fully empowered by the smartest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, the solution generates cognitive insights about what type of content is engaging the audience or changing their behaviour.

This while understanding the personality of the brand, the cultural audience context, the industry participants and the external worldwide and local news, events and weather.

Stored within the safe and secure environment of IBM Cloud.

Brand Love intelligence™ is a young tech startup founded by


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Thanks to our awesome clients, we are able to make state-of-the-art tech, explore new opportunities and achieve maximum results.


Be inspired

Our software generates deep insights, winning advise and moreover best-fit creative content suggestions including predictive behaviour outcomes.

Save Time

Our software creates great parts of your content autonomously. And yes, it's so intelligent, it really learns your style and optimises 'posts' on the go.

Be on point

Our software guarantees you hyper relevant postings at all times with regards to your respected audience. Simply stand out in the cluttered media environment from today!


Stay in effect! Stay tuned. Read some of our summarised highlights going from updates to solution releases.

First Proof of Concept Activated #1 - FC Emmen

We’ve set up our  social media research environment with first division (league 1) new comer and prolonger FC Emmen.   

First Proof of Concept Activated #2 - Almere City

We’ve up our  social media research environment with  second division (league 2) football club Almere City. 

Researching Digital Equity

We have lately been interviewing  many clubs from the Dutch professional football leagues, but also sports & entertainment agencies on the subject of digital equity. Very positive outcomes for Brand Love intel™. It’s as good as grounded; we can truly add value! 

Reduce time

Our software generates deep insights, winning advise and moreover best-fit content suggestions with predictive behaviour outcomes.

Be relevant

Relevant and optimised content in the cluttered media environment from today, is a must have.

Spread big

Reach easily other relevant audiences by collaborating with all effective people within your network or beyond. Create a win-win and gain success.